Tips to Avoid Costly Caravan Repairs

Avoid Costly Caravan Repairs

Tips to Avoid Costly Caravan Repairs

Did you know Repairing a Caravan costs an arm & a leg but are easily avoidable if you service it every 10000 KMs? Failure to do an inspection of the van might bring forth catastrophic damage. You can also fix some repair yourself. So, think it twice, before putting down the repair cost to the experts. Let’s have a look at our handy tips to avoid costly Caravan repairs.

Few Tips to Avoid Costly Caravan Repairs are below:

Fixing Lights-

What do you do, if the light of your Caravan stops working? Probably, people put down the money to a mechanic for fixing it. Right? Now onwards, you will be able to fix it by yourself. What all you need to do is that just replace the bulb if some issue persists with it. In case, the problem is of circuit aspect or fuse you can discuss it with the expert. If connections have been clogged with the dirt or shaken loose then, clean it. This is sufficient for fixing!!

Rattling Noises-

Have you ever heard rattling noise from Caravans? Then, simply this is an indication of a loose tongue section or something else. Check what exactly it is and then tie it well. Otherwise, you can also use grease for it.

Replacing Tyres-

In case, it’s been 6 years and you haven’t replaced the tyres of your Caravan, it’s time to change it. Don’t need to go for an expert for this!!


You can also keep a spare U-bolt with you in your van and replace it yourself when you need it. This is the best way to avoid high repair costs.

Leaky Awnings

On the off chance that it’s raining, fix a slick cloth over the break. This will keep you dry while. Something else, the canvas can be fixed with duct tape – at that point sew and seal an appropriate fix when you get back.

Essential Tools

Make sure to have an essential tool kit carry with you while traveling on Caravan. It will be really a great tool kit especially, for emergencies!!

What should be keep in mind while buying a Second-hand Caravan

Making the jump to buying second-hand Caravan is really an affordable way to enjoy it rather than purchasing new costly ones. However, you must have to make points keep in mind while buying the old one in order to have the right affordable van. It should be noted that old Caravan may have some issues in it so, take care of the main things mention below-

  • Doors, windows, and cupboards
  • Registration papers
  • Scrapes and dents
  • Deteriorated joint sealant
  • Cracks in the chassis
  • Electrical, gas, brake and water lines

The Bottom Line!!

In this manner, you can avoid costly repair like a piece of cake. This blog is too fruitful for you. In case, you got a question regarding Caravan in your mind, feel free call our team at 0730826471 and also visit our website to sell your used vans, motorhomes or Rv’s!!

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