About Us

About Caravans Brisbane
CaravansBrisbane.com.au is a licensed & authorized business in the Automotive Industry of Cash for Caravans or Motorhomes in Brisbane. We have been working in this business for about 30 years. However, the goal of our company is to completely expunge all junk or wreck Motorhomes on the Australian roads. A junk vehicle always brings forth a host of pollution in Brisbane and its surroundings. Don’t let the wrecked Caravans destroy the beautiful nature.

Let’s altogether contribute little bit towards the Eco-friendly, Call us at 0730826471!!

Why Choose Caravans Brisbane?

The relentless commitment & integrity of our team makes us the top leading company in the whole of Brisbane. However, satisfying the junk Motorhomes owner with the top cash is our first priority. These are not even to tell you why to choose us but many more to disclose. Let’s look ahead-

We Come to Your Agreed Time & Place

The authority of scheduling time & place for towing of vehicles is in the hands of our customers. As per the spare time, you can schedule free Caravans removal Brisbane Wide. So, now you have come to know your value in our team. Let’s get connected to us soon!!

No hidden charges or service fee

Once you deal with us, our team never asks you to pay any kind of commission or hidden fees, unlike privately. Our team handles all the mechanical work as well as pink slips. All you need to do is only show the verification ownership documents to our team. Furthermore, the entire process simple just like the piece of cake. In other words, you don’t need to register Caravan. At Caravans Brisbane, forget about all the hassles of advertising and other expenses promotion.

Instant Cash Settlement

Our firm will help you to enjoy the hassle-free top cash instantly at your doorstep. Once we reach your place, our team will pay you top dollars either in cash or in your bank accounts. Here, there is no chance of fraud regarding the payments. luckily, you are dealing with trustworthy and reliable Caravan Buyers Brisbane.

Free Eco-Friendly Recycling & Wrecking

At CaravansBrisbane, your Motorhome will end with Eco-friendly recycling and disposing of in Australia. Our team has tools especially, for dismantling of parts & scrap metals in a safe manner. We recondition, refurbish, and recycle the parts and then sell them in the second-hand market of auto parts.

Get In Touch With Us Soon!!

Have you got tired of Used Motorhomes in your driveway? Then, dealing with used Caravans or Motorhomes Buyers Brisbane is the ultimate solution for you!! The three simple steps can help you to get rid of it and gives you top dollars up to $9k. Calling the team with few details, scheduling the car removal and then get paid on the spot. The process is complete!!

Used Car Buyer

We refer the customers who are in need of selling urgent cars for cash in Brisbane. The Brisbane Cash 4 Car is one of the latest and optimized solutions of online car buying system where they never use a fully automated system for any further mistake in valuation. Visit to book an appointment for face to face car valuation and sell your any condition car in Brisbane.